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Mayo and ASU team to develop cancer vaccine

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Mayo Clinic and the Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University have partnered to develop a vaccine to prevent cancer.

Researchers will focus on determining whether there are common components among different types of cancer that could be used to create a broad vaccination against the disease.

"This is a bold, unconventional approach backed by promising science," said Dr. Michael Tracy, deputy director of the Biodesign Institute.

Research led by Dr. Stephen Albert Johnson, who directs the institute's Center for Innovations in Medicine, suggests there may be common themes in the protein signatures that tumors produce.

ASU and Mayo have invested seed funds to launch the project and obtain initial data. The project will begin in a new research facility on the Scottsdale campus of Mayo Clinic.

"The effort may be too high-risk and technology-focused to be supported by traditional government funding sources, so we hope that private sources will join the effort to ensure the potential is fully explored," said Johnson.

"Being able to bring the expertise of ASU and Mayo Clinic together on such an exciting and potentially beneficial effort significantly enhances our potential for success."

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