What it Takes to Earn a Flinn Scholarship

The Flinn Scholarship is the most prestigious merit scholarship in Arizona. It provides funding for study abroad, the full cost of tuition, and much more. Today's Arizona Academic Decathlon medalists and Arizona Girls State winners are tomorrow's Ph.D. candidates, doctors, lawyers, and entrepreneurs.

The Baseline Requirements

Applicants for the Flinn Scholarship must:

  • Be a U.S. citizen by the time of entry to the university;
  • Be an Arizona resident for two years by the time of entry to the university;
  • Score a minimum 29 on the ACT or 1300 on the SAT I (counting critical reading and math sections only, not the writing section);
  • Attain at least a 3.5 grade-point average;
  • Rank in the top 5 percent of their graduating class;
  • Participate and demonstrate leadership in a variety of extracurricular activities.

Yes, Theoretically, There Are Exceptions.

What if your school doesn't rank students? What if you have a 1580 SAT, but you're just outside of the top 5 percent? What if you barely missed the minimum ACT score, but you're number-one in your class and developed a cure for athlete's foot over the winter break?

We welcome your application.

There are always unique cases, and we assess each applicant holistically. With respect to citizenship and residency requirements, there is no wiggle room. With respect to other qualification measures, just remember: Each year, we receive hundreds of applications that meet all of the minimum requirements. This is an incredibly rewarding, but incredibly tough competition. The decision is yours whether it is worth your time--and the time of your teachers and counselor--to apply.

So, Specifically, Who Are We Seeking?

Flinn Scholars are articulate, fun-loving, imperfect, hard-working, generous, creative, and curious.

They thrive in the classroom and maintain purposeful involvement in extracurricular activities. They assume leadership roles at their high schools and in their communities.

During high school, some Flinn Scholars were Academic Decathlon medalists, some were debate champions, some were Science Olympiad winners, some were  student government officers, some were prize-winning artists, some were all-region athletes, some did what no one else did.

At their universities--and beyond--some Flinn Scholars are athletes, some are doctors, some are executives, some are filmmakers, some are professors, some are elected officials, some are educators, some are attorneys, some are musicians, some do what no one else does.

Flinn Scholars come from every corner of Arizona, and upon arrival at university, they choose concentrations in virtually every discipline. There is no blueprint for a Flinn Scholar.

Merit, demonstrated by academic and personal achievement, is the only factor we use to select Flinn Scholars.

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